General Practice Data for Planning and Research Data Collection

Under data protection law we must tell you about how we use your personal information. This includes the personal information that we share with other organisations and why we do so.

Our main privacy notice can be found on our Privacy Notice page.

NHS Digital is the national custodian for health and care data in England and has responsibility for standardising, collecting, analysing, publishing and sharing data and information from across the health and social care system, including general practice.

NHS Digital collected patient data from general practices using a service called the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), which now needs to be replaced with a newer and more modern version. This newer version is called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research Data (GPDPR) service. The data collection has now been delayed to allow more time to work on the project framework and communications. The data collection will no longer commence on 1st September. Further details and timelines will be announced shortly.

Patient data collected from general practice is needed to support a wide variety of research and analysis to help run and improve health and care services.

In addition to replacing what GPES already does, the GPDPR service will also help to support the planning and commissioning of health and care services, the development of health and care policy, public health monitoring and interventions (including COVID-19) and enable many different areas of research such as:

  • Research the long-term impact of coronavirus on the population
  • Analyse healthcare inequalities
  • Research and develop cures for serious illnesses.

For more information about how your data is collected, please read the NHS Digital Transparency Notice.

NHS Digital will not collect patients’ names or addresses. Any data that cold directly identify patients (such as NHS number, date of birth or postcode) is replaced with unique codes which are produced by de-identification software before the data is shared with NHS Digital.

For more information about what data NHS Digital collects, please watch the YouTube video on this page which may help to clarify the process and what it entails.

Opting Out

If you don’t want your identifiable patient data to be shared for purposes except your own care, you can opt-out by registering a Type 1 Opt-out or a National Data Opt-Out or both.

Type 1 Opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital collecting your data)

The Type 1 Opt-Out will mean that NHS Digital will not collect data from Burdwood about you. Please complete the form linked above and return it to us at the Burdwood Surgery by 24th August 2021. If you register a Type 1 Opt-out after this date, no more of your data will be shared with NHS Digital but they will still hold the data that they collected before you registered your opt-out.

National Data Opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital sharing your data)

The National Data Opt-Out means that your data will still be collected by NHS Digital but it won’t be shared with other organisations. To register with the National Data Opt-out, please click on the above link and follow the steps.

For more information on all of the above, please read our information booklet.