IT Issues

Online access

Previously we used to provide online access via 2 ways:

  1.     VOS – Vision online services was developed by Vision and the main way for us to grow online access. Order PX, medical history and book Appt. 
  2.  My GP app – this was delivered by Iplato and was a front runner in providing access in a simpler way with online sign up being an easier way for us to drive access (no paper forms). App based through a smartphone or tablet to deliver the same as VOS but to compliment it – Order PX, medical history and book Appt.
    • one of the big advantages for us as a practice was to be able to target campaigns

NHS APP – We were told there would be a national campaign in September so Berkshire West CCG, GP IT Group chose to support the national online app. 

  • problems – the national campaign did not materialise.
  • we could not easily migrate patients from the old system to the new one.
  • trying to explain all of the above to everyone is not easy.
  • getting EMIS ready to be able to accept online bookings took a bit of time, still transitioning.
  • some issue with prescriptions and internal processes.
  • patients cannot use it currently if they do not have access to a smartphone or tablet so we still need an alternative solution.

We met today with the NHS App National team to go through a number of things:

  • Part one of the meeting was an internal meeting with our team to share their experiences and to try and develop any themes where we have struggled. 
  • Part two was with patient representatives, as a chance to listen to their experiences to see what we can feed into the system.

If you can bear with us a bit longer we will issue an updated online sign on and our Patient Participation Group have also set up two drop in sessions to assist anyone who needs help – these are on the 9th November (in the upstairs meeting room) and 23rd November (in the waiting room). We will clarify the details of that soon.