Patient and Public Engagement

Next PPG Meeting

  • Saturday 15th May 2021
  • Saturday 21st August 2021
  • Saturday 20th November 2021

PPG Newsletter

This PPG Newsletter is a bit different. It’s a combined newsletter from your surgery and other surgeries.

The reason is that surgeries in West Berkshire are teaming up into groups to share ideas and cooperate with each other to improve patient care. Each group is called a Primary Care Network (PCN).

Berkshire West Update

Welcome to the first edition of the Berkshire Newsletter – the newsletter for Patient Participation Groups in the Berkshire West area. This issue includes information about events in the area, as well as help for hidden carers.

Increasing Our Rating

A big thank you to Ray and Jean for their continued hard work with the newsletter and also to all of our PPG & PRG members who continue to contribute and support our growing group – it is so good to see so many of you at our quarterly meetings.

Here at the Burdwood Surgery we are all committed to providing you with the best possible patient experience. Your opinions, comments and ideas are important to us and do make a difference and we ask for these in a variety of ways – patient feedback forms around the surgery, annual patient survey questionnaires, via our website, verbally, email etc… We look at all our feedback (good or bad) and share with the team and make changes where we can. We also follow up directly with a patient if they have asked us to do so.

You may not already know but you are also able to rate the Burdwood Surgery using the NHS website.

Ratings are out of 5 stars and our current rating is 4.5, the last patient feedback was June 2019.

As well as current and potential new patients being able to look at us on the NHS website; the Care Quality Commission (CQC) also look at our ratings & feedback available and this is a part of their inspection.

We would love to increase our rating and have some recent feedback available.

If you can spare a few minutes of your time to complete feedback about the Burdwood Surgery in this way we would be very grateful. The link to leave your own rating and feedback is:

If you wish to view the Burdwood Surgery current rating and previous reviews please click on the following link:

Thank you so much for your continued support with our PPG – we couldn’t do it without you!

News From the Locality

There has been a few updates from the local area, please read the following for further information:

Council of Governor Elections

Elections have launched to fill vacant posts on the Council of Governors of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. The Council of Governors holds the Board of the Trust to account and represents the community, our stakeholders and over 9,300 members of the Trust. The Council is responsible for some key actions such as appointing the Chair of the Trust, non-executive directors, and the auditors. It also provides a unique perspective on what patients and public want of the Trust.

The elections will be for the following constituencies:

  • Public: Reading (1 x 3 year term)
  • Public: Wokingham (1 x 3 year term)
  • Public: East Berkshire and Borders (1 x 3 year term & 1 x 2 year term)
  • Public: West Berkshire and Borders (1 x 1 year term, 1 x 2 year term & 1 x 3 year term)

Further information on the role and election process will be available on the Trust’s website. Nomination forms can also be obtained from the Trust’s website.

The election will be launched on Friday 17 May 2019 and the deadline for the return of completed forms is 4 June 2019.

Please contact Hannah Travers, Deputy Trust Secretary, on 0118 322 5335 for further information.

The results of the GP Patient Survey 2019 are now available

In case you have not already seen it, the results of this year’s GP patients’ survey are now available at

You can review the results by practice, CCG and nationally. You can download the full results as a spreadsheet but more useful is the online analysis tool. This lets you pick the questions you want to look at and then compare the results with up to two other surgeries, with the CCG and nationally. You can also compare changes between last year and this, though these are not strictly comparable as 16-17 year olds were included this time.

Patient Panel Information

Patient Information Point

West Berkshire Patient Information Point

This is run by volunteers and located in the West Berks Community Hospital – just by the front door. They are supported by Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group as well as Berkshire Health Foundation Trust and Royal Berks Hospital Trust and have operated since the WBCH opened.

The PIP is currently closed due to COVID and when they are able to re-open, they plan to have a counter service rather than people browsing the range of paper information held.

They have a new email address for PIP enquiries if you wish to email for information, web links etc. (

The information they hold covers a range of health conditions for which people may attend WBCH, as well as local and national support groups for those health conditions. They also hold information on NHS and social services, NHS forms, caring matters and transport.