COVID-19 Vaccination Record


If you have access to online services, you may be aware that the NHS app, myGP app and Patient Access have developed features so you can see your COVID-19 Vaccination Record online.

The ‘NHS App Vaccination Record’, ‘myGP TICKet‘ and the ‘Patient Access Vaccination Card’ show you, as the patient, details about your COVID-19 vaccination record.

To get immediate access to your immunisations and vaccination record, register for the NHS App or the MyGP App using the ‘NHS Login‘. You will be asked to take a photo of your ID (i.e. driving license, passport) and to have a short face scan or record a short video to verify your identity. Once your ID has been approved, you will have access to your immunisations and therefore, your COVID-19 Vaccination Record.

Alternatively, you can request access to your immunisations by filling in the following form: Contact the Practice and submitting it to us. Please ask for access to your immunisations only.

For information about signing up for an online service account, please see the website of the desired application / website.

If you would like to view your full medical record online, please click on the above link.

The Burdwood Surgery is unable to provide you with proof of vaccination status. Please click here for further information and guidance.

Please note the NHS App Vaccination Record, myGP TICKet and Patient Access Vaccination Card only show details of your COVID-19 Vaccination (if you have received it) and not details about COVID-19 test results.