Difficulty with getting an appointment?

You may have found it harder to get an appointment recently and this is multi-factorial. In no particular order these things have had an impact:

There has been unprecedented demand this winter which has been hard.
Dr Morgan was on reduced hours for January.
We have had several staff pregnancies – One GP went on Maternity leave in September 2017, one at the end of January 2018, one is going on Maternity leave in March and another GP at the end of April.
There has been a higher level of sickness in both patients and staff.
Recruitment of GP Locums has been challenging but we are almost there.
Training new GP Locums who have joined the Practice, takes some time for them to settle in.
Changes in the Nursing team have had an impact in reduced appointments which has had a knock on effect with all appointments.
We have recruited a new Nurse Lead who starts with us in April and we are looking at recruiting a new Healthcare Assistant too.
So all in all, it has been harder but we are working on it and please bear with us as we are very close to resolving most of the issues.

If you wish to raise a particular issue; you can email me at burdwoodsurgery@nhs.net

Thank you