Mental Health apps to support children and young people

A team across the NHS are working to identify a number of digital tools to support children and young people who are experiencing increased mental health needs as a result of COVID-19.

The first supplier to complete the process with the team and show how they meet the requirements identified in respect of the children and young people user group is ThinkNinja app.

Available through the NHS Apps library, Healios is making its ThinkNinja app available to download free of charge to all 10 -18 year olds for the next four months.

The role of the team is not to recommend one tool over another approved tool – ThinkNinja will be joining over 20 existing apps already approved on the Apps library for users to choose from.

We will work with Healios to evaluate the impact of the offer at the end of the four month period.

More information about this work is available through this NHSX blog.