Message from PPG Chair


Message from Mike, Burdwood Surgery PPG Chair

Dear all,

The surgery team are making great progress in delivering an improved online service for patients. As many of you will have seen and experienced, this started with the migration of the website which is now working well and feedback still gratefully received and suggestions for improvements to usability welcome. However there is still a gap within the online space for appointments and prescriptions.

Following a meeting with the team responsible for supporting the NHS App, the surgery is now looking to enable smartphone and tablet access for patients via this application. During the meeting it was highlighted that as with many smart phone applications, adoption depends on it being understandable and usable, so it has been proposed that there will be a couple of “drop in” sessions on Saturday 9th November and Saturday 23rd November from 9:30 till 11:30 for patients to bring their smart phones or tablet devices and receive help from the PPG and surgery team to get them up and running with the app.

If you are available on these days to attend or to come and help, please let us know.

For those patients looking to use the app we would like you to:

  • Load the app from your app store on to their device (apple / google etc)
  • Bring your:
    • passport and/or driving licence (photo version) AND
    • mobile phone with a UK telephone number
  • Request a code in advance from the surgery if you haven’t got a passport or driving licence
  • Know your password for accessing their app store
  • Have your credentials for the email account you will be registering (email address and account password)

During the session we will:

  • Use your email address to create an account
  • Verify the account by responding to an email and receiving a sms code (text message) on your phone
  • Submit your details to verify you using the photo ID and a short video you will record

Once the details are submitted, the process can take up to 2 hours for verification but at that stage the registration process is complete. With sufficient support from the PPG, we can then show users how to navigate the options on the app so when your account is verified you are confident in using the app.

Can you please let the surgery know if you are available to help or to attend and hopefully we will share at the December PPG the number of active users and if this has reduced the calls being received.

Many thanks


PPG Chair