Self Monitoring of Blood Pressure

We are trying to involve patients more in their own health. One way of doing this is to get people to monitor their own blood pressure. The advantages are that we get more data and data in real life settings.

Ideally, we would like our patients to complete the Blood Pressure Review form online or alternatively collect a paper copy from the surgery. Once you have submitted the online form or manually returned the paper form, we will contact you if further action is needed.

However you can continue to have your BP checked here at the surgery with a Healthcare Assistant if you prefer, by booking with reception.

How to do it

What BP monitor to use:

British/European Hypertension Society approved upper arm BP monitor. Some examples:

Lots of our patients use an Omron M2.

How to measure an accurate BP:

Take a measurement whilst sitting down and comfortable – after resting for 5 minutes.

Use the same arm each time – ensuring the cuff is positioned correctly over the bare arm and resting on a flat surface at the level of your heart.

Take two readings, 1 minute apart and note down the lowest reading.

Take readings in the morning and evening for at-least 7 days.

For most people an ideal average home BP is between 110/60 and 130/80.

British heart foundation video on how to measure BP at home.